A Few of Our Favorite Marketing Tools

Have you ever been creating a Facebook post, but can’t seem to find the right photo in your library? Sure, sometimes you can go snap one quick and it will work just fine. Sometimes, that’s not an option.

That’s where photo sites come in! There are so many websites where you can search for photos and then download them – for free. It’s been SO helpful for us when we need a quick photo to go with a Facebook or blog post.

While stock photos are a great and easy way to make sure each post you create has a photo, it’s also important to keep in mind your followers will love to see people they know too! Don’t forget to post you and your employees or something exciting happening at the office every once in a while too!

Anyway, back to stock photos. Like we said, there are so many sites and you might already have one you prefer. Here are a few we can usually find a great photo on!

You can find great pictures that can stand alone in a post, but if you’re feeling creative, you can also get photos that would be great backgrounds or borders for text!

At Pulse, we have a great graphic designer who does the big design jobs for us. But sometimes we just need a quick graphic for Facebook and with a website like Canva it’s super easy for us to do ourselves! They have designs available – you just pick which one you like and add your own text! Fonts and some graphics are included, so it’s super easy, no matter how comfortable you feel with designing! You do have to make an account, but it’s free!  

Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional to create great, attractive posts! Just find a few helpful tools and start creating!


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Becca Feauto

Becca Feauto

Becca wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters still exist and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.