Welcome to our resource page. We are excited to share some of our helpful tips for creating and executing a strong marketing plan. This includes all facets of marketing, so check back as we grow this page. We'll be sure to let you know too, just check out our Facebook page. Feel free to take this information and build it into your current marketing plan, that's why it's here!

great marketing ideas

Social Media Content Plans

Many businesses know they should be on social media. The biggest question we hear is what kind of information needs to be on their page? Listen to our Owner and Creative Lead, Becca Feauto share our three main components to building a social media content plan.


Topics for Good Video Content

There are several topics you can share using video as your method of delivery, but for the focus of this video, we discuss three main topics that audiences crave when looking to video for solutions to problems they have. We also discuss how you can execute those videos a well using little to no budget all the way to a full production. Want more? Read our blog and get even more (7 to be exact) ways you can utilize video for your business.


How to Go LIVE on Facebook

Our clients have recently asked us how to go live on Facebook. We are always a huge fan of video; the more authentic the better. Facebook Live is a great way to accomplish this, live is as authentic as you can get. We are planning to go Live in 2017 and encourage you to as well! Not sure how to get started? Click the arrow to your right to download our "How-To" guide.