How to Create Great Instagram Posts

While you can usually count on being able to find a business on Facebook, you don’t always have as much luck on Instagram. And we hope that changes soon because we love Instagram! It’s a place where you can show off some great photos, have fun, and maybe get a little more personal! No matter how you use your Instagram account, there are a few things you should make sure you’re doing to create great posts!

Okay, we know good photos make a great Instagram post because that’s exactly what Instagram is – just photos! But since Instagram is a news feed of photos only, you want to make sure you’re not blending in. You’ll want to get users to stop and look at your post and the way they’ll do that on this social media site? By seeing a great photo! Think about what photo you share and don’t post just to post. Even though Instagram is a little more fun and relaxed, you still want to remember you’re representing you and your business. There’s still a goal when you post!

Ahh, captions. Is it just us or are they sometimes way harder than they should be? You want them to be clever and catchy, but still share all the important stuff. When you create a caption, take your time. Sure, it may seem like it should be done quickly, but you want to make sure you’re including all of the necessary information. Since people prefer photos instead of text, put the important stuff first so users will see it. And don’t forget to include a call to action.  You can ask a question or have users share something in the comments. It’s a great place to learn about your followers and communicate with them!

Stay Relevant
Like most things, Instagram is always changing and updating. Take advantage of their updates and post on your story, try a boomerang, or add a fun filter! When you use their newest updates, it shows you’re relevant. And people love to do business with a company who is relevant!

If you don’t have an Instagram account for you business, maybe 2019 is the year to start! You can reach a new group of people and have some fun!


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Becca Feauto

Becca Feauto

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