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    As we go throughout the program, you will be encouraged to get started and use some of the training. Our monthly challenges will help, but we will also have a weekly webinar on Monday's at 12 Central to dig even deeper. Each will include time for Q&A if the group would like. 

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Join us Monday, January 13 at 12 Central Time as we kick off our 12 weeks together!

Here's What You Get in The Squad

12 weekly webinars with me

Full access to my Asset Library

Access to my closed Facebook Group

Full 2019 social media calendar

Daily social media content inspiration

Monthly challenges 


Small businesses are the backbone to a healthy economy yet so many don't make it past 5, heck even 2 years. Why is that? I am Becca Feauto, Owner and Creative Lead at Pulse Marketing. I have had the honor in my over 10 year marketing career to talk to over 100 small business owners.

During those conversations, there are three challenges they all have in common: Lack of TIME, MONEY, and RESOURCES

This got me stirring. Because I even saw it happening to me in my business.  I too was frustrated and after talking to so many small businesses and solopreneurs, I wanted to help. For the next few months these conversations got my wheels turning. I have been working on taking care of my clients -- all the way from sales, execution, support even quality control. I've been there. Failed. Succeeded. Then failed again. Now I have a team that helps and I am able to focus on helping others, bringing my over 10 years experience to the table. I set out to find a solution to these problems, that's when the Pulse Squad was created.

The Squad is built of a community of small business owners, small business marketers, solopreneurs and others seeking out new skills and resources to bring back to their employers, cheering each other on, supporting one another and will be a positive and safe space to share ideas.

Ready to get started? It's time to make your life better. 

Are you done with working hard in your business and are ready to work on your business?


To always be transparent and share resources and strategies I have used in my own and client's businesses.


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We're excited to have our office administrator, Molly, take this training. We partnered with Becca and her team at Pulse Marketing to develop our logo, website, print material and more. She and her team developed our overall brand, but now with Molly on our team supporting our marketing efforts in house, we'll be able to take our marketing a step further and be consistent as we plan to grow our firm. 

Dean Fankhauser

Partner at Fankhauser Rachel, PLC

"Invest in you and your team. I promise your personal and professional growth will massively impact your business in a positive way." - Becca


Join me and my Squad as we tackle some of the biggest marketing challenges for small businesses and solopreneurs.

  • Week 1 // Getting to Know You
  • Week 2 // Mindset: Think Like a CEO
  • Week 3 // Knowing Your Audience
  • Week 4 //Copywriting for Social
  • Week 5 // Telling Your Brand Story
  • Week 6 // How to Stay Motivated
  • Week 7 // Benefits of Blogging
  • Week 8 // How to Create Great Social Media Posts
  • Week 9 // Social Media Ads: Do's and Don'ts
  • Week 10 // Email Marketing Made Simple
  • Week 11 // Time Management for the Busy Person
  • Week 12 // Bringing it All Together
Tyler Golberg of CYBERsprout

We've worked closely with Pulse Marketing for the last four years and have nothing but great things to say about their team! The marketing program they've pulled together reflects on their years of experience and knowledge. It is a great way to jump-start your marketing and gain new clients.

Tyler Golberg

Founder of CYBERsprout

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